My way to the jewellery world was not a straight line. Only after  many years traveling in and out of Europe doing all kinds of different jobs, I found my way to the profession I love. It was at the Accademy of Costume and Fashion in Rome where I studied jewellery design under the tutelage of Claudio Franchi, a master goldsmith and the designer of the ring of Pope Benedict XVI.

I work with the lost wax technique using silver in combination with perspex, which allows me to produce very fluent and organic pieces. Creativity, as I live it, is a long and emotional, soul searching process that transforms a vision into a reality.

Since I like surprises and secrets, this is what I bring into my  jewellery, hiding elements that can only be seen at a second glance.  The observer  has to pay careful attention to what each piece has hidden inside.

After several years spent in Italy and Prague, I've recently moved to Warsaw, the Paris of the East, where I run my own studio and organize workshops.