Custom made jewellery is the most challenging part of my work. Unlike with the pieces from my collections, clients most often approach me with their own ideas about a to-be-present for their loved ones. I then need to get to know the future owner's style and appetite, work with the pre-existing ideas, develop them and...please the customer.

So far, dozens of happy clients from all over the world have witnessed the miracle of a personalized, tailored, first-class jewel.

Bring your vision to life by following a 5-step process:

- Share your vision with me.
- Let me sketch out several options.
- Choose the one you like the best.
- Let me do the job...
- Please someone or yourself! :-)

To know more about the process or to order a custom piece of jewellery,  email me at



For precious jewellery made to your requirements, I can work with you to create your own unique jewels.

To enquire about a custom piece of jewellery please email

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